Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally done!!

It is almost 90 degrees outside and I have been finishing up our garden for this year. Limo had left our jalapeno plant alone at first but this morning I woke up to the nice surprise of seeing my jalapeno plant gone except for a small stem. So I had to buy another jalapeno plant and fence in everything. We were very blessed this year and almost all of our plants and a lot of our soil were given to us by my dad and step family and one of my awesome friends. I only bought the jalapeno plants and more soil and tomato cages. Still it was not cheap. In all reality gardening is not as frugal as people make it out to be. I guess if you start from seeds it might be but for was not.

I also bought 3 tomato topsy turvy planters to try out. They were $10 each but bought over the course of a few months. 3 of the containers for the tomatoes were found at a garage sale on Saturday for $2 each!!!! So this year the grand total for our garden is......
8 tomato plants
and 2 Jalapeno plants!!!

Last year we only grew 2 tomato plants so this should be interesting. I am excited to see what grows and what does not. I planted the jalapenos closer together than I should have but they were buy one get one at Lowes and I thought I would try it out. So we shall see.

Here it is in all its humble glory. :)

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  1. I didn't even know you ate Jalapenos enough to plant them, that is a surprise to me. I hope ya enjoy the stuff when they are finished!