Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lately I have been feeling a little discontent with our house. In the ten years we have been married we have lived in 7 homes. We have been here for over three years which makes this the longest we have lived somewhere since we got married. I think I am finding out that I am one of those people who need to mix it up a little. I'm ready to move on. As much as I love this house and our neighbors I really want to find a new place.

The desire I have however is not going to happen. For a while. Maybe even a long while. We just simply can't afford to pack up and go. This has led to some discontentment lately so I have been trying to change things up a bit here. New curtains in the kids room (pics coming soon), moving furniture around, etc. This weekend I finally got around to putting curtains up in the laundry room. Somehow it made a world of difference. It turned a boring room with a washer and dryer into part of the actual house.

I'm going to keep taking little steps to make our home better. I hope that my feelings of wanting to move start to fade within my mind.

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