Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lowes trip

I try not to take the kids to stores like Lowes and Home Depot for a very simple reason. They go insane for some reason and forget how to function on a normal level. But today I had to get a few of our tomatoes planted and because Limo ate our other ones I had to set up a fence to keep him out. I needed some wooden dowels to hold up the plastic mesh I got so off we went to Lowes after school. As I suspected the children forgot how to function. Not a very pleasant trip but I did get what I needed.

We came home and got the tomatoes planted and the fencing up. I hope it holds. Limo did try to get through but he gave up when he realized it was not going to happen easily for him. I took the photo below when we were first there. I must admit I do love this shot. The boy did not want his picture taken and the girls were more than happy to pose.

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  1. But Limo likes tomatoes too. poor dog! lol The planting area looks good so far.