Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The boy and Sally

This morning I am in a pretty good mood. Last night my hubby let me take a nap around 6:00. He gave the kids a bath and washed their hair. Then he did the girls homework with them, read bedtime stories and put them all to bed. He let me sleep much later than I had planned and when I woke up the house smelled so good. He had deep cleaned every inch of the bathroom, living room and kitchen. I am talking about mopping, cleaning the inside of the microwave and a bunch more. He even left me a note on our chalkboard saying he loved me. Awwwww.

So now our home is in great shape. I had majorly cleaned yesterday but had left the mopping and stuff to do this week. Now I do not have to worry about it. That feels great. :)

I am sure you all remember McDonalds. The boy was positive this year that the Easter bunny was going to bring McDonalds a brother. So the Easter bunny carefully selected him a brother to put in the boys Easter basket. When the boy pulled out the new bunny he exclaimed that McDonalds now had a SISTER!! I asked him if it was his brother or a sister and he insisted that her name was Sally. So I introduce you all to Sally. She is McDonalds sister.

And yes...... my heart does melt into a big pile of goo every single time the boy gets attached to another stuffed animal. Oh heart be still.


  1. I missed the post about McDonalds. That is so cute. Love the new bunny

  2. Thats great Chey is helping around the house now. A nap at 6 pm?? Really? You are so funny!

    Go comment on the last two blogs I posted!

  3. That's awesome - there's nothing as wonderful as a nap - and waking up to a clean house?!?! That's the jackpot :-)