Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The new toy

Before I had kids I swore that I would never let any of my children have a toy gun. I really do not know why I was so dead set on it. I guess I figured that it would be a bad influence. It really is funny how life turns things around sometimes.

My uncles and I am sure my dad all played with guns as boys. Cowboys and Indians were popular and little boys ran around with holsters during the day. It took me a while to give in to the idea of him playing with a gun. At first he would grab a random toy and pretend it was a gun. We all laughed and I gave in to the idea. Hubs and I had talked about getting him an actual toy gun. Last night he came home with some Littlest Pet Shop things for the girls and the neatest toy shotgun I have ever seen. It actually smokes when you pop it open to *reload*. It is so neat. All we have heard all night and morning are shotgun shots.

I am good with this toy. We have a rule....Only dinosaurs, bears and the occasional alien are allowed to be shot. If he points it at people or our pets he looses it for a day. So far it has worked out pretty good. And I must admit.....he is the absolute cutest when he is protecting his family from aliens. :)

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