Friday, May 14, 2010

Splash Day

Every year Kindergarten has a day that they call Splash Day towards the end of the year. They set up lots of little pools, sprinklers and slides and they even get a huge inflatable slide with spraying water for the kids. Makayla had hers last year and loved it. Well today is the day for Macie. All I have heard ALL WEEK long are reminders about Splash Day.

This morning we got all of her stuff packed and ready. Change of clothes, flip flops, sunscreen, snack and lunch. We put her dress over her swimsuit and off she went complaining that her backpack was too heavy. In the last picture she is trying to figure out how to hold SO MUCH STUFF as she put it. I snapped a few pics of her before she left. I just LOVE her swimsuit so much. It fits her personality very well.

I really hope she has a blast today.

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