Friday, June 11, 2010

How my Garden Grows

I finally got around to taking some good pics of the garden. I am thrilled about the progress so far. I see lot and lots of fresh and canned salsa in our summers future.

These two tomato plants are approx. 4 ft. tall and have lots of blooms on them now!

One of my Topsy Turvys.

The other two.

Three more tomato plants. They are growing really well too but not quite as high as the ones in the first photo. Hopefully they will shoot up soon.

My jalapenos. I am not quite sure how they are looking. I have never grown them before so I guess I need to do a little research on them.

I never would have guessed that I would enjoy gardening. Each year we are planting more and more and I LOVE it all.

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  1. You have fun with that. I wouldn't even stop outside to look if i didn't have to. haha. I HATE summer.