Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am tickled pink to share this post with you. Yesterday I did something that I never thought I would actually learn to do. Not only did I learn it....I rocked it. So what did I do that makes me so giddy with happiness?? I CANNED!!! That is right people. I made and preserved food. Can I get a WAHOO!?! My friend called me the other day and asked if I wanted to make blueberry jelly with her. I have not been to the blueberry farm yet so she said I could just give her some back when I go.

I of course accepted and so off the kids and I went. They played and we made jelly and looked through my friends master canning book. In the end we made blueberry jelly, apple cinnamon syrup and plum jelly. They turned out fantastic. The plum jelly had been made the other day and we knew it was great so we made some more. It was already about 9:00p.m when we got the plum out of the pot and it still had to cool. It is an hour drive home for us so my friend gave me her half pints of already done plum jelly to take home instead of waiting 3 hours for the new to cool.

Blueberry jelly in the beginning stages.

Blueberry jelly cooling.

Everything that we made yesterday.

My half of the goods. 3 blueberry jelly pint jars, 3 syrup pint jars and 4 half pint plum jelly jars. Serious goodness.

I still cannot believe that we did it! We have BIG plans for the summer. Now the problem is that I do not think I can eat these. They are way too pretty. Oh and the blueberry jelly is so good that I caught Macie with her whole hand in a jar we had open with a little leftover that did not make it to canning. It really is that good. She was licking it off her hand because she could not find a spoon. :)


  1. I would love to learn how to can this summer. Would you please share the recipe for the blueberry jelly. It sounds really really good and I know my guys would love it.

  2. Oh congratulations! It is so satisfying to see a pantry full of canned goods.

  3. The plum jelly sounds awesome! Leave it to Macie to eat leftovers! lol