Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random ramblings from today

I am sooooo ready for the girls to go back to school. They are so excited and counting down the days but I assure you they are no where near as excited as I am. I have been stressed to the max this summer. The highlight of my day today is that my new curtains are supposed to be ready for pickup this afternoon. I have been wanting some new ones and I finally ordered them when we were at the mall last week.

I have tons of pics to share but I have not transferred the files from my pc yet. So bear with me and I will hopefully have them on my laptop soon.


  1. We are also ready to head back to school and thankfully we are down to our last days of summer vacation. My guys are getting on each others nerves and are very ready to go back. I am ready for everyone to have a nice routine.

  2. Believe me, I know how excited you are! haha. I am ready for summer itself to be over, not ready for school to start. We don't do mornings very well, as you very well know! haha