Monday, August 16, 2010

This is how he rolls...ummm...I mean sleeps

The other day my husband was browsing the car forum that he frequently visits and went to the miscellaneous for sale posts. He stumbled upon a listing for a firetruck toddler size bed. We knew we had to get it. The boy is still more than fine with his toddler size mattress and his other bed is getting a little wobbly so I went for it. He LOVES it. I will take better pics once it is in their room. I just got done assembling it in the living room and he ran and jumped in. Last night he crawled into it before the wheels were on and feel asleep in the living room without us noticing.

I think it is safe to say it was a sound investment. Especially since it retails for $279 and I got it for $80. Score! The front is wayyyyy too cute. More pics to come for sure.

Oh and yes my son is wearing a transformers shirt with dinosaur pj pants. He also has a dirty face and feet. Things are a little slow paced around here today but that is how we roll.


  1. Maybe he will actually LIKE going to bed now! Mason is so funny!