Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wanna make a quess?

I must admit that the last few weeks my kitchen has seen very little of me. I have once again made it a habit of constantly eating out or bringing food home. It has to stop. I hate to cook. Seriously loathe it but the money I am spending for this bad little habit is ridiculous. Ridiculous I tell you. So I am going to challenge myself. Today I am going to the grocery store armed with coupons and I am going to buy a ton of groceries. Then I am going to see how far I can get. How long will my food and other supplies last? Normally if I run out of quick meals I scream that we don't have any food in the pantry and that it is time to go shopping. The truth is I could easily squeeze almost 2 weeks worth of food out of what I claim is only junk in the cabinets.

I am very curious as to how far I will get. This should be interesting. Do any of you care to guess how far I will make it?

Some stats to help you guess?

I have approx. 25 cans of veggies/fruits in the cabinets.

My budget for today's grocery store trip is around $115.

I do not need to buy any bath products such as shampoo, deodorant, etc. I have a huge stockpile of them thanks to the grocery game.

I have quite a bit of dog/cat food stocked up as well. But keep in mind that we have 4 animals to feed.

I have a huge pile of coupons I will be using today.

I also have a ton of spices already.

I will be packing the girls lunches for the first few weeks of school more than likely.

We go through drinks like there is no tomorrow.

I have about 7 meals worth of chicken and beef in my freezer at the moment.

So how long do you think we will make it? I am very curious myself. I am not looking forward to cooking but I have to save some $.


  1. You will make it. I have several recipes for simple meals using hamburger and chicken. If you want some recipes let me know. Also if you have a crockpot, I have several recipes for crockpot meals. On the nights that I don't feel like cooking I use the crockpot.

  2. Well let me see.. if you still have money left, maybe you will last for about 3 weeks. haha Good luck! Prove me wrong!