Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random facts about me

I thought it would be kinda fun to do another random facts about me post. I also VERY rarely show pics of myself on here but since I took a pretty decent one for hubby's phone I figured I would post it. He ran into the bank one day and left his phone in the car. I was bored so I snapped this one for him.

Random facts:

1. I have a fear of biscuit and crescent roll cans. When I open one I am very careful because when I was a teenager I opened one and it popped too hard and trapped my finger cutting me VERY deeply. I bleed for a really long time and it hurt like hell. So now I am super careful. When I hear the pop I jump. Lol

2. I LOVE to sleep. I mean really really love to sleep. Most nights I have really creative dreams.

3. I am always exhausted during the day but once the night comes and kids are asleep I hate to go to bed. I am a night person. If I didn't have kids I would be a completely nocturnal person. LOVE the night. Hate the day and the sun.

4. When I was in high school I wanted to be an oceanographer. That is weird because I have a fear of deep ocean. Go figure.

5. I have absolutely no fear of heights whatsoever. Most people I know do.

6. I was raised in a family where not being creative was simply not allowed. My aunt is an artist and my mom is fantastic at anything creative. So loving the arts was something that I never could have fought. I am SOOOO glad I was raised like that.

7. The friends I have in my life are friends that I know would stand by me through anything (and have proven it time and time again). I am very picky about who is in my life. I don't just have a ton of friends who I hang out with occasionally. The ones I have are like sisters to me.

8. When I was little I was terrified of thunderstorms. Now I absolutely LOVE them. My favorite kind of weather.

9. I LOVE to go to the movies by myself. So much fun to just sit back, eat popcorn and watch a movie without having to talk to anyone else.

10. When I was little my favorite color was yellow. When I was a teenager it was blue. It is still blue with red a very close second.

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