Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I sent my girls to school in their pajamas.

My girls look forward to this day every year. Polar Express movie, hot cocoa and popcorn at school plus they get to wear their pj's. This morning as excited as they were attitudes were still flying. That is how this pic came to be.

Thanks girls. My morning just would not have been complete without your attitudes and death glares. Oh...the joys of motherhood. I will admit that this pic is cracking me up though. This SO describes our lives.


  1. hahaha I've never gotten those attitudes from them :) It's always "yes Mere!"

  2. My 2nd grader gets to wear PJ's to school this coming Friday and they will also be watching the Polar Express. He is so excited and can't wait until friday

  3. Oh my goodness, this post just made me laugh!! I thought my girls were the only ones who gave killer death glares like that ;-) Belive me, I get my fair share of attitude and dealth glares :-)