Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day in the Life ( FLU version)

I have always wanted to do a day in life post so here I go. This is the flu version so it will be all over the place.

7:00 a.m- I wake up so that I can be one of the first parents to call the doc office and make an appt. with our ped. He fills up within ten minutes every day and then his colleagues are the only ones open. He has been my doc since I was an infant ( I am 27) and seeing anyone else just doesn't work for me. Apparently however I am too early and they are not open yet.

7:05 a.m - 7:30 a.m- deal with children in various ways. Get Makayla ready for school.

7:30 a.m- Call the doc office back and score an appt. for 11:30 a.m.

8:00- Take Makayla to school when she really really just wants to stay home. She isn't feeling good but no fever so she goes.

From the time we got back from school to the time we leave is kinda a blur. Take care of a sick Macie and dress myself and the boy.

10:30 a.m- Leave for doc.

11:00 a.m- Almost to the doc when I start feeling very sick. Stop at Wendy's to get a drink and fries so that I do not vomit all over my car. Hmmm....( I'm not getting sick am I?)

11:15 a.m- Walk into doc office and wait.

11:30 a.m- Called back on time. By now the answer to my above question is obvious and I start feeling chills, very achy and miserable that fast. All at once. By the time I talk to the nurse she makes a comment about how sick I am. ( Yes all within 30 minutes of feeling fine.)

11:45 a.m- Ask the kids if I can take a picture. Macie refuses but the boy is all for it. ( And I have no idea where he got the bruise on his cheek. Boys. )

11:50 a.m- Doc comes in with a positive flu test for Macie. I ask questions, etc. and we are off.

12:30 p.m- Get home and within ten minutes I turn around to see the boy asleep and running a fever. Are you kidding me?

The next few hours are also a blur. Picked up Makayla, hubs picks up the meds for Macie and comes home early.

4:30 p.m- We all take a nap. Makayla stays up quietly refusing to sleep. Macie crashes for 4 hours. Boy for 5 hours and myself for 3 hours. Hubs and Makayla get up first.

8:00 p.m- Just kinda hang out doing a while lot of nothing. Kids that are hungry get grilled cheese and crackers.

For the next 4 hours everyone does whatever. Mama in bed moaning and crying. Daddy watching a movie. Kids moaning and crying. Eventually all fall asleep.

1:39 a.m- VERY sick mama wakes and feels exhausted and restless at the same time so decides to blog.

And there you have it! Exciting huh? I think I felt better when I had pneumonia. MISERABLE!!
I am off to try to sleep again however with a raging fever and major body pain it is gonna be kinda hard.


  1. Hope that you are all feeling better soon. It is going around our home and it is no fun having everyone sick

  2. oh man, that just sucks! i really hope you're feeling better today! it's so hard to take care of kids when you feel sick :-( hugs!!!!!