Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A garden for us!!!

Between our house and our neighbors house is a vacant lot. When we moved here there was a 2200 sq. ft. house there with WONDERFUL neighbors who are now life long friends to us. After they moved out the landlord tore it down. All 3 houses on this piece of land are owned by the same landlord. We have GREAT neighbors in the house to the left of this lot. We have all talked and dreamed about how awesome it would be if our landlord let us do a huge garden in this lot. Well.... we talked to her yesterday and she said we could do whatever we want with the land!!! The sand (not all seen in photo) is 2200 sq. ft and then there is all the rest of the land. So roughly 3000 sq. ft. of land. We are doing a huge garden!!

The plan is to split the cost between us and our neighbors 50/50. Yes it will be an investment to have soil dumped but once it is done it is done. So it looks like we will have a huge garden to keep up with this summer. We are all so excited. It is going to take both of our neighbors and all 5 of us to keep this thing going all summer long but we know it can be done. We already have gallons and gallons of organic fertilizer that our neighbor had left over from a big job.

My kids LOVE gardening and I know that even though this is going to require a lot of work my kids are going to love it all summer long. My neighbor and I will have to get together on her days off and can like crazy. Luckily we have the same desires as far as what we want to grow. This is a huge blessing to us. I guess I can have my country life right in the heart of the city. :)


  1. How exciting! I hope you keep your blog updated with the results!

    Something you might want to look for at your library is Lasagna Gardening. It describes an easy way of soil building that you might find helpful - but I haven't tried it so don't say from experience. You might also find examples of lasagna gardening on the web since it is popular.

    Best wishes,

  2. Oh I would love to have a garden that size. Have a wonderful time planing and please post pictures on your blog