Thursday, January 20, 2011

Major cuteness

There are some things that are just too cute to keep to yourself. This is one of them.

The boy enjoying a sunbutter and strawberry jelly sandwich. According to him it was the best lunch ever. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE this kid?


  1. So sweet!!! Okay, I have to ask - what is sunbutter?? I've never heard of that. :-)

  2. Sunbutter is a replacement to peanut butter. It is made out of sunflowers and is processed in a completely nut free facility. Since Macie is allergic to nuts we don't keep peanut butter in the house. The other 2 kids have happily accepted sunbutter in place of their peanut butter. :)

  3. Oh cool - I'd never heard of that. I didn't know Macie was allergic to nuts. wow, that's gotta be hard.