Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Family road trip

We had a good time this past weekend. Sunday morning we decided to go somewhere with the kids but we weren't sure where. We spent a few hours figuring it out and then decided to just get in the van and go. Our neighbor came with us since his fiance had plans with her grandma that day. We tried to get her to come too but she couldn't change her day around so it was the 6 of us. Me, hubs, the kids and our neighbor.

We decided to go to a restaurant that is a few hours away. They have an old colonial style village to tour right with the restaurant so we figured we would make a whole day of it. We got to the restaurant around 3:00.

Leaving the house

The restaurant is completely old fashioned good country food. There are no menus. It is all you can eat and as soon as you sit down they bring you plates and plates of food. Made from scratch cornbread and biscuits, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes and gravy and more. You just eat till you explode then they bring out more. There was peach cobbler for dessert. AMAZING!! The restaurant is very old fashioned with tea or lemonade to drink. No sodas. It is decorated with vintage circus posters dating back to early 1900's. Such a neat experience.

The look on the boy's face is hilarious. When he tasted the biscuits his eyes shot open and he couldn't believe how good it tasted.

Once we were done eating we went to the gift shop/tour area only to find that they had closed the tour down less than ten minutes before we walked in. Such a bummer because we were really excited about seeing the town. We shopped for a while anyway. The boy found a wooden replica 1800's rifle and begged us for it. I mean begged. He was jumping up and down saying " Pwease Mommy!! Pwetty pwease!!" Do I even need to say that we caved?

When we were done with the gift shop we decided to go visit hubs grandma and grandpa since they live only about 30 miles from the restaurant and we hardly get to see them. We had a great visit and right after it got dark decided to head home. Now here is where it gets interesting.
It had been a gorgeous day. The sun was out and it was just perfect. For about 50 miles after hubs grandparents house it is nothing but deep dark woods on both sides of the hilly roads. The only light comes from your headlights and the reflectors on the road. Well I was driving back, hubs was sleeping in the front seat and my neighbor was in the middle of the van with the boy. The sky starts lighting up from lightning. We drive for a while more and then the storm hits. Insane rain in the middle of nowhere and I can't see. Wipers are on full power and I still can't see the road. AT ALL!! At this point the kids were scared and then it didn't help to hear mama screaming to her neighbor that she couldn't see anything. Thankfully I was able to pull over right in front of the pitch black woods and get off the road. Hubs woke up and drove the rest of the way home. It was pretty scary. I was literally driving blind even with my brights on. So thankful that we made it home safely. We didn't see that storm coming at all.
It was a fun little spur of the moment trip. Wish we could have gone on the tour though.

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