Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice and Denny's

We were supposed to get snow last night but it didn't happen. Instead we woke up to lots of this.....
The kids thought the icicles were great. Hubs kept breaking them off and bringing them inside for the kids to hold. After the roads reached a safe point in the morning ( meaning no ice on them) we had to go run a few errands. We bundled the kids up since we are all still sick and miserable and were on our way. Unfortunately the main errand we went out for is going to have to be done again tomorrow since the place was closed due to weather. On our way home we stopped by Denny's and had lunch/breakfast.

The boy was mad at Macie and they were fighting when I took this shot. Macie was purposefully trying to make him mad which is why she is happy and smiling. He just happened to have his eyes closed when I snapped this. Typical day for us.

When we got home the five of us all took a nap. Even the dogs joined us. We slept for quite a while since a simple errand made us feel sick again. I think we exerted ourselves a little too much the first day we felt better.

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