Friday, March 18, 2011

Kids and Chickens Part 2

My friend who lives in the country invited the kids and I to spend the night on Wednesday. We packed up and made the drive and got there around 1:00. From the time we pulled up to a little after dark the kids were outside playing. My friend has 2 kids and her niece was visiting too so there were 6 kiddos total. My kids LOVED the chickens and spent a good amount of time in the coop chasing them and collecting eggs.

Kids eating lunch. One kid is missing. She wanted peanut butter so she had to sit somewhere else so she wouldn't contaminate Macie.

CHICKENS!!! There are 40 of them!

The kids played everything they could think of outside. They were in heaven.

My friend and I scrapbooked the entire time. I was able to finish a ton of pages for an 8X8 album for several of our beach trips.

For bedtime we set up a pallet for all 6 kiddos. They were WAY TOO CUTE all laying together. We let them watch MegaMind.

It was almost midnight when the kids crashed. Macie eventually moved to the corner of the couch to sleep. Here is a beautiful sight. 6 kids all passed out from exhaustion. Oh and a dog. He fell asleep with them next to the boy.

In the morning we got to watch all the chickens fly out of their coop. Did I mention how much my kids loved them? They fed them and kept running inside and telling us they found more eggs. They even watched a hen lay one.

LOVE LOVE this pic of Makayla. She now wants another dog really bad.

The boy is covered in dirt head to toe and he loved every single minute of it.

The weather was GORGEOUS and the time spent with friends was perfect. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends. This particular friend has been in my life since I was in Kindergarten. Wow. It is so wonderful to look back and remember playing together and now our kids get to grow up together too. :)


  1. Looks like a great time.. I would someday love to live in the country or up in the mountains and raise chickens.

  2. Looks like you have created some great memories for the kids! Nothing like life on the farm!