Friday, March 4, 2011

The mother of all catch-up posts

This is going to be a huge catch-up post. Let's start with the weekend we got to spend KID FREE!! My mom took Makayla and the boy and my mother-in-law took Macie for an entire weekend. It was so wonderful to get to spend so much time with hubs. We went shopping, had lunch, went to the movies, sushi with friends for dinner, took me out to learn to drive a standard and so much more. We finally went to see True Grit. It was a weekend we both really needed and it completely refreshed us for the kids coming back home. The entire weekend I took one pic. This was when we were eating lunch at the best burrito place in the world. So good.

There has also been lots of time spent in the kitchen.

The kids threw a birthday party for their dolls and raided my gift bag drawer before I woke up that morning.

There has been lots of lounging.

I have been working on a new blanket. This one is stripes and is so much fun.

The kids have been really good lately about eating well balanced meals.

One morning I woke up to our fridge not working. Thankfully the freezer side was fine and we were able to keep all of our food. I called our landlord and the next day she had a new fridge delivered because ours was 20 years old and on it's last leg. I LOVE the new one. (Pic coming soon).

The kids looked through the scrapbook of hubs and I. It was so cute how excited they were.
And there was some video game playing in there too.

We are having a garage sale tomorrow and I have tons of errands to run today before I pick up the girls from school. Gotta keep moving or I will not be able to catch up. Back soon.

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