Monday, April 25, 2011

The life of stuff

I have been feeling so bogged down by STUFF lately. We have SO much stuff in this house and it is cluttering my mind. I am wanting to break free. When hubs and I talked about it I felt a lot better. The solution..... Garage Sale and Craigslist and this time anything that doesn't get used on a regular basis or anything we don't absolutely LOVE goes. No more half de-cluttering. I am talking a ruthless cleaning. I have started in the kitchen and let me tell you it feels


If I like it but it is just for decoration and not something I am head over heals for it goes. The kitchen is looking so good and I feel great after making such drastic moves. My real inspiration is here.

Our couches came with a huge ottoman that we never use. It has been in our living room since we got the couches and takes up a huge part of our living room wall. I asked hubs what he thought and we decided to send it packing. The room looks a lot bigger now. This is such a wonderful light weight feeling. It truly feels like a new adventure for our family.

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