Monday, April 11, 2011

Sleeping freak out and cabinet organization

This is an organization post but first I want to share a funny story. Last night I had some kind of sleeping freak out. It was the weirdest thing and I actually remembered it this morning.

I was sound asleep last night and I was obviously having a bad dream and I woke up thinking someone had broken into the bedroom and was standing by me so I started screaming for my hubby (who was watching a movie in the living room). He came in running and screaming "What's wrong? What's wrong?" Before he got in the room I managed to knock my lamp over in the process and broke the light bulb plus I knocked my phone to the floor with shaking hands. As soon as he came in the room I opened my eyes and knew I was dreaming. I mumbled something and crashed right back out. It was actually pretty funny although hubs was not so amused. Apparently when I screamed for him I actually believed I was about to be murdered. Hehe. Anyway...moving on...... There are lots of great organization posts being made in blogland these days and last night I got inspired. We have an insane number of cabinets in our kitchen. 21 doors and 11 drawers to be exact. One set of cabinets has been used as a junk collector. Well last night I decided I wanted a cabinet for baking goods so I set to work when I was exhausted and got it done. I can't believe I am going to share the before photo with you.

Before: After:

I am hoping this will make my life much easier when I am baking. It feels great to have that clutter gone.

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