Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden happy

I am very happy this morning because I just pulled TEN tomatoes from our garden! Our neighbor just took a second job and she said she doesn't have time for her garden anymore so she gave me her three tomato plants. I am so grateful. We now have 9 plants out there producing.

Yesterday we pulled a tiny tomato and Macie was just as thrilled.
And these are from this morning. The ones that aren't completely ready will continue to ripen in the kitchen. I wanted to get them off so the heat and bugs don't get to them first.

The most we have ever taken from the garden at one time is three so this is a huge gardening victory for us!

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  1. I planted my tomatoes last week, and can't wait to harvest them.. I am hoping to learn to can this year, and would love to put up some sauce for pizza and spaghetti