Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Pets

Last night I couldn't sleep so I got up and discovered hubs in the bathroom with Limo giving him a bath. He had looked up flea remedies and was trying a new one out on Limo. The new remedy worked like a charm and now we joke that our dogs use organic products too. All that you need is lavender (hubs used the rest of the kids natural lavender shampoo) apple cider vinegar and water. It worked better than any of the super expensive products we have tried.

Limo was so cute floating in the tub. I grabbed my camera to capture that sweet little face.

Hammy got a clean cage last night. I am somewhat obsessed with cleaning his home. It is SO EASY to do. Takes me less than 3 minutes and then it is done. He also got some new treats and some fresh carrots and spinach.

There are some happy pets around here right now.

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