Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Plans

I am kinda ready for summer. I don't appreciate the heat but what I am going to appreciate is the slower pace. We have been living 90 miles an hour since last August and I am tired. Looking forward to......

* Sleeping in!!!

* a trip planned with one of my best friends where we will spend the weekend at the beach with FIVE children.

* A trip planned with another one of my closest friends. We are taking all our kids ( 5 again) to a natural springs swimming spot. This is going to be a much longer drive than the beach.

* Blueberry picking and then preserving ( freezing, canning, turning into jelly)

* Zoo

* Waterpark

* Doing THIS craft. Oh I can't wait for this one. :)

* Playing outside in the evenings

* LOTS of grilling with lots of friends over. We seem to have found our groove with this one.

* Kids running through the hose and hopefully we will get a kiddy pool for them as well.

* The joy of not having to do anything or go anywhere. In fact I might just start grocery shopping once every 2 weeks or maybe even 3-4 just so I don't have to get in my car

* Enjoying the food grown in our own backyard.

* My girls in sun dresses and flip flops.

I want to make this summer a truly good one. Come the end of August it is back to school and this year the boy will be going to pre-K for half a day. That scares me and makes me incredibly sad. But he is ready and it is going to be ok. Only a week left.


  1. I so want to do that craft too!! It's beautiful and the kiddos will love it!!

  2. I love that craft!! We are soo doing that when we move!!