Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Target stop

I took the boy with me to Target today. I planned on going to Petco afterwards but it was so hot out and by the time we got in the van I was done. It's been a few months since I have been to Target because I have been doing most of our shopping at our local grocery store but I needed to refill Macie's epi-pens. The boy decided it would be great fun to go into mommy's purse and take out the life saving epi's to pull apart. How he did this without stabbing himself I may never know. While there we picked up some more organic snacks and a few other things.

"Oh please Mommy! Please let me have a big bag of marshmallows!"

Organic snacks amongst other things.

I also remembered to bring my reusable bags. Macie has been very concerned lately about the environment.

Now we are home with a pizza in the oven for lunch and watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I love days where I don't have to rush.

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  1. I love Target, but actually find myself going less to there and any store to save money! Too easy to find things we "need." Looks like you found some good stuff. :) And yay for the reusable bags - I do my best to remember mine too.