Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Hour

Yesterday was horrific. When the girls got home at 11:30 the nightmare began. All 3 of the kids were defiant and attitudes were flying. I cried myself to sleep wondering how we would ever get through this summer.

Then this morning I woke up to angelic little children running around. They cleaned their room spotless and then cleaned the living room without being told. We ran a few errands and they were fantastic. I even had someone comment on how good they were!! After such a great morning and afternoon I decided that Sonic Happy Hour slushes were a must.

We will survive the summer! I am so proud of my kids for turning their attitudes around. It is gonna be a good summer!!
I told the kids that I wanted a pic of their slushes. Makayla was hot and mad that I was taking a photo. I told them to say slushes and this is the pic I got. So real. So them. ( Note Macie's blue tongue. )

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