Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer so far

(This photo really doesn't have anything to do with this post. I just like seeing our tomatoes all together.)

So far the summer is going good. Today I am watching our neighbors oldest son(5) and my kids get SUPER hyper when he is around because they love him so much. Our days have been busy but also sorta slow paced which I am loving.

* I looked into swim lessons for the kids but really didn't want to pay $300 this summer. Thankfully one of my best friends has the best parents ever and they have a gorgeous pool. They have offered to let us come over every day and they will help me teach them. They have taught all their foster kids so I feel completely comfortable with it plus they are great people. All 3 kids start tomorrow. And the best part is that she said she would do it for free. We are so blessed to have great people around us.

* Little trips with friends are starting to get written down in my agenda book making them real and exciting!!

* Macie is enjoying fresh garden tomatoes every single day. Yesterday she ate 5. I had hoped to can some but I think I am just going to let her eat them all since that is pretty much what she has been doing anyway!

* I thought I would really be stressed about this summer with the kids but everything has been incredibly relaxed. We aren't making the kids go to bed early. They just pretty much play, read, etc. until one of them is ready to fall out or it gets to be a ridiculous hour and we are fine with that. Our family tends to do SO much better when we don't set the normal( to most parents) schedule.

* The kids and I are going to do our grocery shopping for the month this coming weekend. Gonna see how that works for us. We also have to do our hurricane kit( bottled water, canned goods, etc.)

* My dad and step mom gave us a much bigger t.v for our living room! We love it. Then last night our DVD player broke. GRRRRRR.

* We are happily welcoming swimsuits back into our laundry. :)

* Planning kids birthdays. They occur in July, August and September. Wow!

How is summer going for the rest of you?

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  1. It will be a long time before we have fresh tomatoes! Looks yummy!