Saturday, June 11, 2011


That is really the only appropriate title for this post. We left the house at 8:20 this morning and just now finally came home to rest a little after midnight.

8:20- Left the house to do a huge ( monthly) grocery trip with all 3 kids in tow.
* Came home and dropped off the groceries.
* Packed up Makayla's suitcase and headed out for my mother-in-laws and decided to stop at another grocery store before hand.
* While walking into the 2nd grocery store hubs calls and asks me to bring him drinks up to work so we finish shopping then head to his work and make the drop.
* Then out of town to my mother-in-laws. Once we are there she decides to keep Macie the weekend too so I have to run to Target to grab some supplies for her since she didn't have anything packed.
* Boy and I head home.
* Stop at home for 20 minutes then head to our neighbors moms' house to swim.
* Decide to do a fish/shrimp fry at our neighbors. Hang out, cook, laugh, guys play video games, etc.
***FINALLY home a little past midnight!!
WOW!! I just laid the boy down and it is 12:19a.m!

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  1. You are a brave women taking all 3 kids to the grocery store.. I would love to go grocery shopping and stock up for an entire month, however I am afraid that some of the food would all be gone in a week.. My guys eat alot of food in the summertime.