Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

I am so tired both emotionally and physically right now that I can barely keep my eyes open. But....we had such a great time at the beach yesterday and I don't want to forget any details so I am making myself get this posted. I am focusing on the wonderful time we had and not the phone call that sent our world spinning. Check below post for a minor description.

Monday afternoon my friend and I packed up 5 kids, a cooler, a few folding chairs, some towels, sunscreen and everything else under the sun and headed for the beach. The drive went pretty smooth since the kids were well behaved and having fun. Once we got to the beach it was a different experience for sure. Instead of the beach the way we know it the tide was really weird and basically created 2 beaches.

There was course brown seaweed and dark water with no waves first. Then we discovered that if you walked out past knee depth that the regular beach was there. So we went from knee deep to a few inches and then regular waves. It was really weird but very neat. The kids were not bothered by the difference one bit. I was a little annoyed because the water was so brown in the first part and it didn't do much for my photos but I did edit them a little so I am still happy.

The weather was perfect. The breeze was blowing and the sun was not unbearable since we went in the late afternoon-evening. Makayla got stung by a jellyfish right before we left. Thankfully my hubby had looked up home remedies for the stings before we went and I had what I needed to get her some relief. When we got to the van the real fun started. Cleaning off 5 tired( and one in pain) children and packing everything up. When we left it was dark and the moon was so big and bright. Wonderful time!! I don't want to get into what happened five minutes after we left because it is all fresh in my heart and mind but our time at the beach was perfect. (Well, except for that jellyfish sting.)


  1. Glad you all had a great time at the beach! Great pictures. You made me lol when you said the color of the water was annoying you! LOL!!!

  2. Looks like a fun day! Hope everything is ok. :)