Friday, July 15, 2011

The one where I loose my mind

Apparently being sleep deprived and emotionally distraught makes you do crazy things.

Exhibit A:

Now then.....about a month ago our neighbor found an abandoned puppy in a cardboard box at the grocery store parking lot. It was over 100 plus heat index that day and so she rescued him and brought him home. They really didn't want to keep him but they did. Occasionally we would "borrow" him for an hour or so and then take him back home. Last night hubs "borrowed" him and we didn't have a chance to bring him back across the street. He just slept with us and I got way too attached probably because of the emotional state I am in.

This morning they came to drop off their three kids for the day and I told her how much I love their dog. She looked at me like I was crazy and said..." do know that we gave him to you right?" When they told hubs he could take him we both assumed it was for a little visit. But they meant permanently. I looked at hubs and he said it was up to me. So there I was with a dog my kids are crazy about. A dog that made my hubs smile for the first time since his brother has been in ICU and a dog that I have totally bonded with even though I am not a dog person.

Can you guess what my answer was? He is a mix but we don't know of what. His name is Chance and we are going to leave it since it fits him so perfectly. In case any of you are wondering I do realize that I am out of my mind. We now have four dogs people. FOUR. The plan is to make him an inside dog. The others are about half inside and half outside but this one is gonna be my baby.

I told you emotional distress does crazy things to your decision making skills.

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