Saturday, July 23, 2011


Life is crazy busy and happy right now. :)

So many good things going on...

* Birthday cake ordered and ready to be picked up by tomorrow afternoon

* Moon bounce confirmed

* 20 party favor bags completed

* a Tangled birthday party for 2 little girls who happen to be turning 7 and 8!!

* Hubs and I EXACTLY on the same page for our future in so many ways. Exciting stuff happening soon. :)

* The fact that all my closest friends are going to be at the kids party. Even a friend who is driving from four hours away with her four kiddos just to be here with us.

* a Brother-in-law who is out of the hospital and doing good.

I will be back on Monday with way too many photos of the kids party! Have a happy weekend.:)

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  1. Happy Birthday to the girls. Have a wonderful Sunday