Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evening at the Park

Yesterday hubby came up with the idea to surprise the kids and take them to the zoo. I sent him to pick the girls up early from school and we headed to Wal-Mart to buy dinner for a picnic. The zoo usually costs us at least $80 for drinks and meals so we wanted to bring our own.

By the time we finished the store trip it was getting a little too late to head to the zoo. We opted for the park instead. Our friend and her baby came along with us and it was a wonderful laid back evening. All the kids behaved well and loved the fact that daddy was off and could be there with us. Hubs had to show the kids how to use the monkey bars. There were several grandmothers there who enjoyed the fact that he showed all the surrounding kids. :)We love her. A lot actually.After Macie got her confidence she handled the monkey bars with ease. She was so proud. :)My silly trio of children. A man that has tats and holds a sleeping baby...um.... YES please!

The only thing that could have made our outing better is if Macie hadn't had a random peanut allergy before we left and on the way home. Thankfully I always carry Benadryl. She was miserable though and we think she must have touched something contaminated on the playground equipment. After a dose of meds she was ok.

I am so glad we took the opportunity to go and just de-stress as a family ( and with friends).

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