Saturday, April 21, 2012

In my kitchen

My kitchen has gotten quite a workout lately. I decided to drastically reduce our grocery bill and so it has forced me to actually get in my kitchen and cook.

My iPhone doesn't let me type above my photos so I'm going to list what each photo is.

1&2: I finally got the yogurt recipe to work. My kids ate all 2 quarts in one day. Success!!

3. Honey oat bread

4. Blueberry banana muffins

5. red beans in my le crueset pot my mother-in-law gave me.

6. Homemade Pizza

7. Cilantro and fresh garlic ( the key to amazing red beans. Trust me.)

8. Cinnamon bread

9. Homemade pizza

10. Fresh lemonade started with lemon balm from my garden

Hungry yet?

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