Monday, May 28, 2012

Waterpark adventure

We spent our memorial day at a waterpark. It was the kids first time visiting a large one and needless to say we had a blast. I couldn't take my camera or phone through the park with me so I didn't get many photos. Here are a few things I want to remember about our day.

:: the girls were fearless when it came to the rides. They wanted to do everything no matter how big or scary it looked.

:: The boy floating around with daddy in the river. He held onto his back and every time daddy went under Mason rode like a turtle and got scared each time. It was so cute.

:: On one of the tubular big rides Macie shot straight out of her tube like a pencil, went under the water through the hole in the raft and then popped right back up laughing and smiling.

:: The boy wanting to keep riding on my lap during the twisty slides.

:: The kids love/hate relationship with the huge bucket of water that dumped out over the twisty slides.

:: daddy pretending to be a shark
in the river and chasing after the girls.

It was a day full of fun for all of us. We are sore from climbing steps and water logged. The kids sure will sleep good tonight. On our way out we bought the kids each an ice cream sandwich. I think our munchkins thought they were in heaven.

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