Friday, June 1, 2012

Plans to relax and a shot out to my readers

I am declaring this weekend a stay at home weekend. I'm sure there will be swimming and maybe a few house projects. We all need some laying around time. The girls have a week left of school now and they are getting antsy.

Makayla slipped on the deck getting out of the pool last night and has major bruising on her knee so she needs to relax too.

Here's hoping it's a good weekend. I thought this photo was kinda neat from today.

Oh and before I forget.... In the last few months my stats have shot up. I am now visited by more readers than ever before which is awesome! However, my readers have stopped commenting. I love reading each and every comment I get so don't be shy. It really helps me to not feel like I'm just babbling to myself like a crazy lady.

Happy weekend everyone!! What are your plans??

1 comment:

  1. We are hoping to also have a relaxing weekend.. Today was our last day of school and the kids and I are now home for the entire summer.. I am hoping to spend the weekend getting caught up on my blog, and also putting my home back in order.. Have a wonderful weekend my friend