Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tackling magazines

I am not in a good mood. It's been a combination of children misbehaving and other stress that has put me in a bad place the last few days.

When I am mad or upset I tend to organize and de-clutter much more efficiently. Today I am working in our bedroom but I figured I would do a quick de-cluttering post for those interested.

One area I have been dreading is my magazine collection. I LOVE magazines. Home decorating, scrapbooking, gardening, cooking, homemaking. I love them all. Despite my love for them I realized it was time to get serious. So I sat down and purged. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought.

If I hadn't used a recipe in over a year from a cooking magazine it went.

I am quite happy with the results. The left side of the photo are the ones that went. Right side are the keepers.

What area have you been working on lately??

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