Monday, July 30, 2012

Thoughts at Midnight

It's almost midnight and I'm busy picking up in our bedroom. Figured I would post a few random tidbits.

* I am sick and tired of this heat. Makayla has now broken out in an even worse heat rash after only a few collective hours in the sun. She is crying from the pain. :-(

* All I want to do is scrapbook, crochet and organize but I have so much pressure on me to finish up my degree ( I haven't talked about it much on here I know).

* I'm feeling pulled in 100 directions and trying to figure out how to just make it ALL happen. Fact is.... It isn't. I need to prioritize.

* I cannot wait until Fall and Winter. These months are so miserable to me.

I told you these were random. But I will close with a cute picture of the pirate ship capsizing today. Oh the peril my kids face!

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