Sunday, July 1, 2012

We went FISHING!!!

Hubs left this morning to go fishing for a while. He hadn't been gone very long before he called me and said he was at the store buying rods for the kids and to meet him at the fishing pond. He gave me directions on how to get there and I got the kids dressed and ready.

It was only about 6 minutes from the house and right in a cute little neighborhood. Hubs set everything up for the kids and then took turns helping them catch a fish. After that he stood by them but made each one of them prove they could do it on their own. All 3 caught a second fish and then we let them go on their own. The boy caught a total of 3 fish the time we were out there and the girls caught 2 each!

When we first got there a big turtle swam right up to us. It was so cute.

After we were done fishing we let them play on the playground ( right by the pond). They made a few friends and had so much fun. The weather was completely overcast and even rained a little while we were fishing.

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