Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in the kitchen

Years and years ago I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time cooking and trying new recipes. I don't like to cook but I do like good food. I had pretty much stopped trying recipes other than baking but now I'm getting back into it.

Last night I made beef and cheese empanadas. I also made some homemade pico de gallo. The empanada recipe was found on the blog... Creating post it notes. I have never gotten a bad recipe from there and highly recommend it.

The verdict from this dinner was that it is a keeper. As soon as my kids tried it I heard "Wow!! This is soooo good mommy!" They didn't even notice the diced onion and jalapeƱo in it.

I took some to our neighbor as well and they loved them! Hooray for getting back to cooking!! Oh and for recipes my kids actually love!

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