Thursday, August 16, 2012

Haircuts and Dealerships

Despite being a super packed day of errands it was rather good. Basic rundown.... Got the kids hair cut for free at Jcpenney and then met hubs at his old dealership (he's a tech) and finalized everything to finance a car. We had been discussing it for a while and because he worked for this location and is currently working for one of their other ones we got an amazing deal.

The kids loved it because they got to eat dinner at the dealership. I ordered them hotdogs, goldfish and apple
juice. Well balanced meal huh??

My favorite part of the day was when one of the salesmen told
us that we had quite a large family. It made me smile ear to ear. I've always wanted a big family and I guess in some people's eyes we got one. :-)

The kids told us it was one of the best days ever. They got to play in the kids room while we finished up paperwork. They also got to go inside daddy's dealership earlier in the day and came back with yummy Subway sandwiches. Hubs job is always catering for the employees and he took them back there to grab some before he left early to go buy the car.

The kids told us..."This was the best day ever because we got to eat at BOTH of daddy's jobs!" They cracked us up.

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