Saturday, August 11, 2012

If I ever......

If I ever get the bright idea to take all 3 kids school clothes shopping at once especially on a Saturday I will hope that someone will slap me senseless. Today was an epic adventure. We did find a lot but with the 100 degree heat and cranky kids added to moody people doing the same it was a less than desirable day.

We cooled off (as best we could) with Sonic Happy Hour. I also found 6 pairs of shoes (2 per kid) at Payless for $63 which made me super happy! We are almost done with everything for the new school year.

Macie needs a couple more shirts and Makayla needs more but the boy is completely done except for new socks! I can't believe in 2 weeks I am going to have the house to myself 7 hours a day.

I had grand plans to take lots of pictures but that did not happen. The few I did take were very blurry.

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  1. We had the exact same day.. I took the boys back to school shopping today and it was a nightmare.. I just blogged about it..