Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Ramblings and Photoshop

First off I want to say that I have been an iPhone dummy. I finally realized that I could get a photoshop app and play with my photos. Duh! I am pretty excited about that so now I can post better photos.

My photoshop app isn't actually what this post is about though. Tomorrow my kids go back to school. We met their teachers on Friday and they are excited. For some reason the school didn't honor our request for the boys kinder teacher to be the same as the girls. The teacher and I were both really excited for her to have him as well. When I found out I actually teared up. BUT the good news is that the teacher he did get is great! And he loves her! So hopefully all isn't lost. Although I am still really upset that they did that.

I have so much to do today to get ready.

*clean out the van- can't have the teachers seeing how we cruised all summer long. Hehe

* set out school clothes down to the shoes

* gather all the bags of supplies and label which bag goes with which kid

* pack lunches

* put their breakfast in the crockpot tonight. Trying a recipe called good morning oatmeal.

* and of course baths, cleaning, etc.

Tomorrow is going to be a whole new experience for us. Praying it's a good one. I'll leave this post with one last summer photo (that I played
with in photoshop). It's from the creek the other day. So makayla isn't in it in case you thought you were missing one.

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