Monday, September 3, 2012

Life changes!!

This weekend brought about some wonderful changes. One of them being my decision to get in shape. One of my best friends has been doing great and inspired me to get up and make the same changes. This is day 2 and I already feel amazing! Workouts and calorie counting thanks to a great app called myfitnesspal. I am so excited to continue making these life changes.

Every morning when I come home from dropping the kids off I am going to do Tae Bo. I absolutely love doing it and it is a wonderful workout.

Yesterday I consumed under 1300 calories. Today I have had so much energy it is ridiculous. The house looks great because I have stayed busy. My ultimate goal is to weigh what I did when hubs and I met. It's going to be a long journey but I am so ready for it. This morning I weighed myself and made a promise that I will NEVER see that number on the scale again.

My kids are watching Tae Bo right now! Cheers to a family that gets healthy together!! And because I hate posting without a pic here is my super clean kitchen!

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