Saturday, September 15, 2012

This weekend we:

* did the impossible and cleaned and organized the kids closet plus bedroom!

* financed the biggest tv we have ever owned since being married. Hello 43 inch plasma screen! We heart you!

* bought a Blu-ray player to go with it.

* watched The Lorax on the new tv.

* adopted a new chinchilla named Quinn to be Tinkerbells companion.

* started the very slow process of teaching 2 female chinchillas to get along and accept each other.

* jumped for joy at the consistently reducing numbers on the scale! ( Ok so that one was just me but still worth mentioning.) 5 pounds down in 2 weeks! Fixing to up my workouts.

* purchased an awesome new pair of black and hot pink sneakers to work out in. (Again just me.)

* watched Journey 2: Mysterious Island and absolutely loved it. Great movie for the whole family.

* rented a total of 5 redbox movies.

* enjoyed the rainy and overcast weather and slight drop in temps.

* learned that we really are a family who loves chinchillas. They aren't for everybody but to us they are the absolute funnest pets and our home will never be without at least one.

* realized the joy of fixing a credit score. A year ago we never would have been able to finance anything.

* stayed up late and slept in late.

* started getting excited about fall.

* stood in timeout multiple times (just kids).

* had a visit from friends who brought the boy a late birthday gift. Camo gear and a pretend bow and arrow. He's been shooting the arrows onto everything. Gotta love suction cups.

* kept everything low key and just had a quiet weekend together at home.

What did you do this weekend??

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