Friday, October 19, 2012

My very lucky little girl

I got a call from the school yesterday that Macie had won a bike! She didn't know yet and they were planning on announcing it this morning as a surprise. They wanted me there so I could take photos and bring the bike home.

I dropped the kids off this morning and then pulled into the parking lot. They had no idea I was there. I waited until announcements and then they let me and the mom of the other child who won a bike as well into the office. Macie was fighting back tears. She had wanted to win so badly and was just thrilled. I took a ton of photos but I won't post someone else's child without permission. So here are a few of Macie. I am so happy for my baby.

All 3 Of my kids have won something this year. Makayla won the stuffed dolphin. The boy won a little stuffed lion keychain coin bag thing and then Macie the bike. I have super lucky kids! :-)

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