Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our really awesome Saturday night!

I really want to start this post while it is all fresh in my head. Tonight the five of us had the best time. We went to this awesome pizza/entertainment place. They want to hire hubs as a mechanic for the rides and games but we still aren't sure about him taking it. The manager called today and told him to bring his wife and kids and everything would be free for us. When we got there he was so nice! We all got unlimited buffet and drinks and over 600 points for games and rides!!

Macie climbed the 20ft rock wall FOUR times! All the other kids there were struggling and she went right up with no problems. I was SO proud! She is fearless and really used her strength. It was an awesome moment.

They have a great roller coaster thing inside too and Macie went on it. Makayla was going to but her toe was really hurting her and she didn't feel good enough. The kids did bumper cars as well. I took so many pictures that came out blurry but I love them anyway because it still shows our night. We got there right before 7:00 and got home at 11:00.

We won a ridiculous amount of tickets (over 2500) so the girls came home with new pillow pets and the boy choose a frosty the snowman stuffed animal. They also got candy and play money. On the way home everyone including us kept saying how we couldn't wait to get to bed.

Now everyone is asleep and I am next. Just didn't want to forget anything before I posted. I love looking back on my blog to remember things. It was also really nice to be able to enjoy the time together without having to really stick within a budget. The cost of what the manager gave us was around $200. Totally out of our budget for just a weekend outing. What a blessing it was. We still don't know about hubs taking the job ( he's just casually looking since he has a good job now) but it was such a nice thing for them to do.

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