Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exhausted (in a good way)

It's taken me nearly three decades to really find out who I am. These last few weeks have sort of been a turning point for me. I'm now volunteering in the school clinic every chance I get. The 7 hours a day I spend in there fly by and I love it. It's helped me realize that after I do medical claims for a few years I am going to pursue a nursing career.

I wish I could put into words what all I have learned since being in there but I really can't. I am exhausted but in a very good way. All the kids know me now and when I walk down a hallway I am greeted with waves, shouts and even an occasional hug from various students. My kids teachers know I am there if they need to stop by and give me an update. It's a win all the way around.

Right now I'm not feeling too well. It's become very obvious that I need to boost my immune system and get a flu shot in order to survive this season in the school clinic. I'm not limited to paper work and such because there aren't any regulations on basic nursing care. Temp checks, etc. so I get to help students when they come in usually.

Blogging has been harder for me lately for some reason. I have SO much to share but can't find the words so instead I don't post. Hopefully soon I will get my mojo back. For now I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunities given to me.

You all know I hate to post without a pic. I haven't been taking many lately so here is one from the other day when my kids were actually quiet and working on art projects.

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