Saturday, December 22, 2012


This morning the kids and I all woke up feeling much better finally. I've actually been able to stand long enough to catch up on our disaster of a house. Thankfully before I got sick I was on top of everything and finished my shopping and wrapping in record time. I even finished wrapping the Santa gifts and put them in the attic.

Today I am focusing on last minute errands and getting our home back in order. I'm sure there will be lots of resting and recovering as well. We were all so incredibly sick.

I had planned lots of Christmas posts before I signed off for family time. Now I'm thinking I won't get around to posting much before Christmas eve. We do plan on making our cut out sugar cookies still and I might post about it when we are done. For now I'm just going to take it easy and enjoy the next few days.

All three kids made me a Christmas present at school. I just LOVE these!

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