Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Since its the start of a new year I am sure many of you are going over finances and seeing what can be changed for the better. I wanted to share a few things I have gotten as freebies in the past few months. You would be surprised just how much is actually out there for free.

I started by typing in free samples in my search box and spent a few days combing through the sites I liked best. Then within a few weeks the samples started pouring in. I emailed one company because I couldn't get their free sample form to work and they sent me a coupon for a $15 product. It was a pet food company and that $15 bag fed our dogs for a week.

I've gotten Kcup samples for the Keurig coffee maker (which we don't have yet but plan to buy) and so many other things. Some with coupons, some by filling out a short form online and others just by shopping sales.

I've also gotten a ton of samples that will go in our first aid kit. All of this stuff really helps. Some of the products I tried for free I ended up loving and now buy from time to time. This isn't a full overview of my freebies because a lot was used and I forgot to take pics but here is some.

Get out there and score some freebies!

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